Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial partnership in which urban consumers receive fresh, organic vegetables while sustaining the livelihoods and stewardship of regional farmers. In a CSA, the farmer pre-sells shares; the money goes to the cost of growing, distributing, and paying the farmer a living wage.

Members of the CSA at Ansche Chesed have the option of purchasing vegetable, fruit, egg and fresh flower shares from The Garden of Eve -- a certified organic farm on the east end of Long Island.  To further education and awareness of food issues, we also organize events and workshops for members throughout the season. 

This year marks a milestone:  10 years of the CSA at Ansche Chesed. We were Garden of Eve’s first CSA and the very first Hazon-sponsored CSA in the country! 

Welcome to the 2015 Season!

Registration for CSA Ansche Chesed has officially ended, though 
any latecomers please email Dee at

If you're new to the CSA, please take a moment to look at our farmer's site and get the info about the farm and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) here

We're so very excited to share the season with you!

Share List:
July 1st, 2015
Please note that due to fluctuations at the farm our list is not always accurate.

Vegetable Share: (Greens Care/Tips)
Mixed zucchini (green, yellow)
Beets, white or red 
(Cook white the same as red, and they are great grilled)
Garlic scapes 
(A perennial favorite! Great chopped, sautéed, with a zucchini and a little soy sauce! Or make a pesto.)

Fruit Share(Fruit Care Tips)
NYS Cherries
NJ Blueberries
(Picked up straight from the farm!)

Egg Share:
1/2 dozen pastured eggs 

Flower Share: (Flower Care Tips)
1 bunch mixed flowers: 
snapdragons, bachelor buttons, Teddy Bear sunflowers

Check out our Recipe of the Week page!

Helpful Tips:
  • Swap Box:  If there is a vegetable or fruit you just don't want - drop it in the swap box and take something out you would rather have.  Do NOT take an extra share of something from the tables!
  • Pick up hours are 5:30 - 7:30 PM at Ansche Chesed.  Please do not come early unless you are a volunteer.  We need the time to set up signs and supplies.  Thanks.

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Veggie Tip: Garlic Scapes 

Garlic scapes are the stalks of garlic plants. The stalks appear during early maturation and are normally harvested soon after forming, since leaving them pulls resources away from the garlic bulb.

Garlic scapes are delicious sautéed in olive oil accompanying potatoes or pasta, or a lovely addition to a stir-fry. Try chopping them up in scrambled eggs or in a frittata as well. They are also spectacular thrown on the grill!

Scapes can even make an interesting floral arrangement! They last quite a while and the head keeps swelling until they actually even flower a bit.

Latest News from the Farm

Happy pre-4th of July week! We hope you can celebrate with your CSA veggies this week, some good ones for grilling – zucchini, garlic scapes, and beets, lettuce and cukes for your salad. Cookbooks started getting handed out last week - if you have not gotten yours yet, please ask for it (if you are a new member).

Garlic Scapes in the share this week – a perennial favorite – and challenge for the new people – chop them up like scallions and add to the pan for your sautés.

Fennel – we know, love it or hate it – but I was a hater and now am a lover. So there is hope for you haters! Quarter it lengthwise and roast it in a covered cast iron pan with onions, it will caramelize and be delicious, no licorice flavor. Also you can grate it and cover w shaved parmesan and save yourself $15 at a restaurant. If this has not convinced you, put it in the “SWAP BOX” and grab something else that’s in there, hopefully (Volunteers – please remember to set up Swap Boxes!).

On the farm, we continue planting, weeding, harvesting, trying to keep up with Mother Nature.

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CSA at Ansche Chesed Testimonials

"Now, happily situated in NYC, and influenced once again by our friends raving about the various NYC CSAs, we decided to set aside our bad memories and give it another go, but only after checking and double-checking what vegetables had been delivered in previous years through the same CSA. We've been happily surprised, though I'm now better prepared with cookbooks, a host of vegetarian blogs, and a CSA that actually provides what we consider more standard fare with a little bit of adventure thrown in..." 
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