Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial partnership in which urban consumers receive fresh, organic vegetables while sustaining the livelihoods and stewardship of regional farmers. In a CSA, the farmer pre-sells shares; the money goes to the cost of growing, distributing, and paying the farmer a living wage.

Members of the CSA at Ansche Chesed have the option of purchasing vegetable, fruit, egg and fresh flower shares from The Garden of Eve -- a certified organic farm on the east end of Long Island.  To further education and awareness of food issues, we also organize events and workshops for members throughout the season. 

This year marks a milestone:  10 years of the CSA at Ansche Chesed. We were Garden of Eve’s first CSA and the very first Hazon-sponsored CSA in the country! 

2016 Winter Shares are now available from
Garden of Eve Farm

Ansche Chesed is not involved in Garden of Eve's Winter Farm and will not be available for registration questions, 
but we greatly encourage our members to join!

Please take a moment to look at our farmer's site and get the info about the farm and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) here

Please note that due to fluctuations at the farm our list is not always accurate.

Share List: 
Returning in Spring 2017!

Vegetable Share: (Greens Care/Tips)

Fruit Share

Egg Share:

Flower Share: (Flower Care Tips)

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Helpful Tips:
  • Swap Box:  If there is a vegetable or fruit you just don't want - drop it in the swap box and take something out you would rather have.  Do NOT take an extra share of something from the tables!
  • Pick up hours are 5:30 - 7:30 PM at Ansche Chesed.  Please do not come early unless you are a volunteer.  We need the time to set up signs and supplies.  Thank you for your understanding.
  • Don't forget to bring BAGS! We at CSA Ansche Chesed love our planet, and know you do too.

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Veggie Tip: Swiss Chard 

Swiss chard is one of our favorite leafy greens! Heavily nutrient dense, they come in a range of beautiful colors from fleshy white to fuchsia to sunflower yellow. The leaf of this vegetable tastes similar to beet greens or spinach, while its colorful stems have a slightly bitter and surprisingly salty taste.  

This is one of the few vegetables that people tend to recommend you boil before sautéing or adding to a dish, as it cuts the bitterness and softens the stem. Start with the stems for 10-15 minutes, and add the leaves for the last 5. Sauté with oil or butter, and try sprinkling a little cheese on them!

Latest News from the Farm

Last week of the CSA! Who can believe it? We never quite can. We hope these vegetables make it onto your family’s Thanksgiving table and your own connection to our farm adds to your own Thanksgiving celebration!

Thanks so much to all of our great members for your support. We feel good about the season which although it brought 6 weeks at the height of summer with no rain, we were equipped for this with lots of irrigation and were able to provide bounty, for a very long season. We tried to give out as much produce as you could handle, hopefully you were able to use it all!  We have talked to many other CSA farmers who lost much of their harvest... and we worked extra hard not to have this happen, so we will give thanks!

FALL SHARE WEEKLY subscribers – don’t forget to pick up your extra box this week! It should have your name on it. 

The frosts we receive in the fall actually enhance the flavor of many other crops like kale, cabbage and carrots.  When these plants get hit with frost they produce sugar to protect them from the winter weather.  That is why the greens that are given out this time of year, and in the Winter Share, are so delicious. It is a real treat to have these vegetables harvested at this late stage of the season, instead of those from grocery stores, which are ripened in warmer growing regions and as a result don’t have as full flavor.

We’re gearing up for winter shares! Don’t forget to sign up for winter shares at at Riverhead, Roslyn, Glendale,  Bushwick, Williamsburg, Manhattan, or Kensington-Windsor-Terrace, the deadline is Sunday Nov 27 (Sunday after Thanksgiving) and First pickup is Dec 3!

These are some of the items that are likely to be in the December Winter share: Kale; Spinach; Swiss chard; Onions; Fingerling potatoes; Garlic; Squash; Mesclun mix; Radishes; Popcorn; Broccoli; 2-3 dozen eggs; Turnips; Broccoli; Broccoli raab

We are ALMOST READY to start Summer 2017 Signups! GOOD NEWS: Prices will not be increasing! There will be a $15 discount for anyone signing up by December 31, 2016. We will send you an email with the discount code and signup link within 2 weeks!

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