Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial partnership in which urban consumers receive fresh, organic vegetables while sustaining the livelihoods and stewardship of regional farmers. In a CSA, the farmer pre-sells shares; the money goes to the cost of growing, distributing, and paying the farmer a living wage.

Members of the CSA at Ansche Chesed have the option of purchasing vegetable, fruit, egg and fresh flower shares from The Garden of Eve -- a certified organic farm on the east end of Long Island.  To further education and awareness of food issues, we also organize events and workshops for members throughout the season. 

This year marks a milestone:  10 years of the CSA at Ansche Chesed. We were Garden of Eve’s first CSA and the very first Hazon-sponsored CSA in the country! 

Welcome to the 2015 Season!

If you're new to the CSA, please take a moment to look at our farmer's site and get the info about the farm and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) here

This year we will be accepting FALL SHARE sign-ups for the harvest season! 
If you or a loved one is interested in joining the CSA halfway through, please sign up with our farm by visiting our More About the CSA page or going directly to our farm's sign-up page.

Share List:
September 2, 2015
Please note that due to fluctuations at the farm our list is not always accurate.

Vegetable Share: (Greens Care/Tips)
(Pick the pods off yourself - it's not hard - then steam them with salt for a great snack that kids and adults love. The plants are mostly dead- this is the stage that they are meant to be harvested at.)
Cherry and Grape Tomatoes
Sweet Corn
Sweet Peppers, mixed color
Swiss Chard or Purslane
Purple Potatoes

Fruit Share(Fruit Care Tips)
Donut Peaches
Egg Share:
1/2 dozen pastured eggs 

Flower Share: (Flower Care Tips)

Check out our Recipe of the Week page!

Helpful Tips:
  • Swap Box:  If there is a vegetable or fruit you just don't want - drop it in the swap box and take something out you would rather have.  Do NOT take an extra share of something from the tables!
  • Pick up hours are 5:30 - 7:30 PM at Ansche Chesed.  Please do not come early unless you are a volunteer.  We need the time to set up signs and supplies.  Thanks.

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Veggie Tip: Sweet Corn 

Sweet Corn is here! 

We hope you enjoy it because it is very difficult to grow organically, we are one of the only organic CSAs to give their members sweet corn, as far as we know. We want to help you understand about the worms that you will find in some of the corn. Organic sweet corn is hard to grow because of heavy pest pressure from corn earworms in New York State. That is just a fact of life of organic production, as contrasted with conventional farmers who are spraying highly toxic chemicals on their corn every three days or so. 

We have heard stories of members not taking our organic corn at the CSA distributions because they are afraid of a few small worms – this makes us sad. We work very hard to bring you super sweet corn for you to enjoy, it is a highlight of our season and we hope it is a highlight of yours. We wish we could cull through every ear at the farm, but this would mean that we wouldn’t have time to harvest all the crops that we want to send you in your share! If you get corn with a worm or other imperfection, just snap off any affected tips, the rest of the ear is not affected. If the tip of the corn doesn’t have kernels and instead is just white, that just means that it was not pollinated, not that it was bad.

Latest News from the Farm

Thanks to all those who came out to the farm this past weekend for our farm tour. As always, it was great to meet you! Some of you are like family at this point – you know who you are… we try not to take you for granted but it’s so great to just be able to be in touch with the same people year after year, to recognize you and know that we don’t have to worry about anything at the pick up site because you are going to take care of everything really well, like you always do! We hope all the other members appreciate the time and energy these “Core” CSA members put in. There are lots of causes out there, and we are perpetually amazed and humbled that you choose to give your time and energy to helping support our farm. It really puts the “Community” into Community Supported Agriculture.

Hope some of you got to meet our great Farm Market Team, who masterfully turned the farm into the land of TomatoFest this past weekend.

A note on the melons – many of you have enjoyed them, and a few have disappointingly gotten melons that might be rotten or even “empty” on the inside. I know this is so sad, when you open a beautiful melon only to not be able to eat it – it even happened to us, when we brought one of our melons to a friend’s house recently as a gift. But unfortunately, there is no way to know, from the outside, that this is the case. We do our best to grow and harvest the melons in order to maximize quality, but there is no way to avoid a few of you receiving an occasional bad melon. This even happens when you buy melons at a store or supermarket – I know it’s happened to me plenty. We apologize!

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