During the CSA season, we will be organizing a variety of events to help better educate the community about food issues and different ways to grow, prepare, store and compost food. Check out photos from past years' events.

Upcoming Events:

The next special event will be August 2nd and is likely to feature tomatoes or zucchini!  Stay tuned for detailed.  All ages welcome. 

Secrets of the Green Smoothie

On June 28th, the CSA held a cooking demo focused on greens!  One important discovery made by the intrepid members who attended was the difference that blanching makes in a conventional green smoothie recipe.  (Blanching is the immersion of greens for 1-3 minutes in boiling water.)

We started with a ratio: 

2 parts greens (by volume): 2 parts liquid: 3 parts fruit

This is supposed to be a 'kid-friendly' ratio, because it's quite sweet, especially if you use banana and pineapple for the fruit and juice for the liquid.  We tried this ratio with raw greens and with blanched greens and the blanched green smoothie won hands down: the smoothie made with raw greens tasted 'healthier', i.e. it had a raw edge.   We had three kids at the event and two of them pronounced the smoothie delicious (and the third one was only eight months old, so we'll let it go).  

Blanching is important to maintain quality if you want to preserve your greens in the freezer (just cool and dry before putting in a freezer bag), and it tenderizes tougher greens for use in other recipes.  

Other Smoothie Tips:  
Blend the liquid and greens first.  You need the liquid chiefly to get the greens to puree properly: if there isn’t enough liquid in the blender, you’ll get fibers and lumps.  You can use any cookable greens, even radish tops.  Stick to yellow or pale fruit if you want it to stay green as red or blue fruit/berries will give you a brown smoothie.  

You can just use water, but juice will make it sweeter.  To make it thicker and colder, put some fruit in the freezer and use it frozen.


Hot, Cold, and Preserved!

Learn how to make stewed and dehydrated fruit, fruit, sorbet, and jam 
using autumn's bounty of apples, pears, and plums.

October 26, 2016
Demonstrations at a kosher kitchen near Ansche Chesed

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Past Events:

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Looking for some inspiration?
In New York, we know that apples are wonderful... lots of different ways!

Remember old favorites and discover new techniques.

Apple Sauce * Stewed Apples * Elegant Apple Deserts

Demo by Julia Harrington Reddy
Tonight, Oct 21, 7-8pm
Ansche Chesed Kitchen

RSVP to Julia at

Some photos from our "Cherish Fruit" event!

For access to the Asian Squash Recipess handout click here

For access to the Pickling Handout click here

For access to the Greens Triage Handout click here

Relishes and Salsa - view recipes here

Greens Triage from June 13, 2012 - view handout here
        Subdue the green hordes!
            preservation and storage tips : Julia Harrington Reddy
            cooking demo: Bruce Soffer, Ansche Chesed’s in-house caterer
            Ansche Chesed Kitchen

Sourdough Made Easy from July 19, 2011 - photos below


Kneading a basic sourdough bread
- everyone did their part.
English mufins actually "bake"
in a pan on top of the stove!
Starter still bubbling. 
 The mother of it all.

Questions? Great Idea for an Event? Skill you could share at a Workshop?
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