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Farm Tour August 2010

Here are some pictures from the Garden of Eve farm tour on Sunday, August 15th.  It was a warm day with lots of clouds but bright glaring light.  As Chris wrote, it has been very dry in Long Island and every time the wind blew great clouds of soil would waft into the air.  Walking the fields was a dusty proposition, but in spite of all it was very informative and a lot of fun. Representing our CSA was Janet, Dorothy and Dee.  I think there were others, but not sure who.  There must have been over 100 people in attendance - all CSAs were represented.  Chris and Eve made sure to thank us all for our support without which they would not be able to survive.

    The farm market

Eve putting more tomatoes out for display in the market.

One of the two Maremmas.  Chris says they are great guard dogs - they keep wildlife down in the fields and protect the chickens.  This one was very social and liked her pets.  Good dog!

      In the sungold cherry tomato rows.  Each row is 900 feet long.

Chris with a stack of trays they use to start some seeds in.  Over a thousand trays were planted this spring.  Chris told us that the soil they got for starting the seeds was bad - it had a lot of weed seeds, so they had a tough early season as each cell had to be weeded prior to planting the real crop.  Behind Chris is a tank holding liquid fertilizer (fish emulsion most likely.)