2010 Season Events

View photos and information about our trip to the farm in August 2010!

Photos from our "Pickling" event with
Jeffrey Yoskowitz!

Master pickler Jeff talks about health benefits as well as good taste.

Busy building pickle jars.

A beautiful and huge jar of pickles in progress.


The ziplock bag method on the left; regular lids for transport.

Ready for fermentation - 4-10 days.
Can hardly wait!

Photos from our "Growing Herbs at Home" event with Michael Meric!

Herbs we learned about at the event and got to take home to start our own herb gardens.

Demonstration of how to re-pot the herbs by landscape architect Michael Meric.

A sample window box with herbs you can grow at home!

uestions? Great Idea for an Event? Skill you could share at a Workshop?
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