Rally in support of local food in NYC!

A groundbreaking council resolution was introduced today in the City Council by Bill de Blasio, and calls for a citywide "FoodprintNYC" initiative to create greater access to local, fresh, healthy food, especially in low-income communities as well as city-run institutions.

By increasing the availability of local, just and sustainably-produced food, New York City can decrease its ecological "Foodprint" -our food system's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change through the production, processing, packaging, shipping, storage and disposal of food. The resolution could help the city meet its goals of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing access to local, healthy food to NYC, particularly under-served communities.

Join Just Food and other members of the NYC Foodprint Alliance at the press conference tomorrow to rally support for this new food and climate justice resolution!

When: Wednesday, July 1, 11:00 AM
Where: City Hall Steps
Who: Councilmember Bill de Blasio, Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer, members of the NYC Foodprint Alliance, other elected officials and over one hundred activists
For more information on the press conference, contact:
Matthew Wing (CM de Blasio): 212-788-6969/917-601-1572
Carmen Boon (BP Stringer): (212) 669-3882
Meredith Turner (Farm Sanctuary): 646-369-6212

For more information or to join the NYC Foodprint Alliance, contact: Nadia Johnson at Just Food, nadia@justfood.org