Creamed Corn the Easy Way

Creamed Corn the Easy Way (No Cream)

Time: 15 minutes or less        Yield: scalable based on number of ears

Corn, 1-2 ears per person, shucked and silks removed
1-2 Tbs. butter
Salt & Pepper
Pinch of dried thyme or other spice you like*

PUll out your old fashioned bx grater. Get a 9x13 pan or similar wide bowl (this helps contains the mess and captures the juices). Grate the corn on the large holes down to the husk. Cook in a saute pan over medium heat until warmed through and juices have mostly evaporated.  Add butter and seasonings to taste. 

*This is very flexible - try smoked paprika, or a small spoon of pesto, cayenne if you like it spicy.