Simply Broccoli Soup

Simply Broccoli Soup

Time: 20 minutes   Yield 3-4 servings

4-6 cups broccoli florets (trim carefully – save stalks for slaw)
1 Tbs. salt
2-3 garlic cloves (optional)
S&P to taste

4 Tbs. soft rind goat cheese (like boucheron), optional
4 walnut halves, optional

1. Place large stockpot with at least 5 quarts of water on stove to boil.  Add 1 Tbs. salt.  When at full rolling boil, add broccoli florets and garlic (if using.)  Return to boil as fast as possible (lid if necessary) then cook for about 4 minutes until broccoli is just tender.  Color should remain bright green.

2.  When tender, immediately transfer florets and garlic to blender (you should have about  2/3 – ¾ filled the blender jar. Do in two batches if you have more broccoli)  Add water from the stock pot to about 1/3 the volume of florets and blend.  Add more water if necessary to make a very smooth puree.  It will be a beautiful bright green color.  Adjust thickness to your preference by adding more cooking water if needed, but do this a little at a time as there is no going back!  Taste for seasoning and add s&p as desired.  It probably won’t need much.

3. Serve as is, or to make more company worthy – place a small slice of cheese and half a walnut in bottom of bowl and spoon soup around this. 

Note: This is also good cold – make a little thinner.

Adapted from Gordon Ramsey.