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Need to swap your share pick up date? You've come to the right place! Post a message below and then check for comments. You can also sign up for email messages when new requests are posted by joining the Google Group (enter your email address and press "Subscribe" below).

You may put your email address or phone number in if you like, or just use this page for communicating.

Remember: Post information about which shares you would like to swap (i.e. vegetables, fruits, eggs, and/or flowers).

How to Post a Message:
  • Click "New Topic" to post a new message. Messages will appear both on the Google Group page and at the bottom of this page. Tip: Check the "Email updates to me" box to get email notification if anyone comments on your post.
  • To post a message you will need to sign in using a Google Account. (Google accounts are free and you may already have one if you use Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Google Groups, or any other Google application. If you don't have a Google account, please create one.)

  • To respond to a request that has already been posted, click the "post reply" link to publicly post a reply, or click the "reply to author" link to email the post author directly.

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