Top CSA Must Have Kitchen Items

Top 10 CSA Must Haves

The wonderful Tuv Ha’Aretz Community-Supported Agriculture group at the JCC Houston came up with this Top-10 list of must have kitchen items in order to maximize the produce from your CSA share.

Turns out, the list is pretty handy for any Jewish food enthusiast - feel free to share with friends and family.

 Top 10 CSA (& Jewish Food) Must Haves

1. Evert-Fresh Green Bags - The best bags for storing fruits and vegetables. Possibly ever?

2. Slow Cooker - Slow cook your veggies into a delicious Shabbat dinner (or lunch!)

3. Salad Spinner - A handy salad spinner makes your weekly influx of lettuce and leafy greens a snap to clean - or at least a lot easier.

4. Freezer Bags - Freeze those fresh, local corn kernels to enjoy all winter long.

5. Food Processor- Pesto, butternut squash puree, homemade soup…mmmmm

6. A Food Steamer - Steam your raw veggies into a delicious dinner in no time.

7. An (Immersion) Hand Blender - The best thing to happen to soups since the spoon.

8. An Ice Cube Tray - For freezing that pesto (or tomato sauce, butternut squash puree…) into easy-to-store-and-reheat cubes.

9. Space to put everything (yes, this can even be done in the city!)

10. A Large Stock Pot - For soups, sauces, boiling pasta…you can never have enough big pots around.